More Video Games… And a Hulking of a Man


Kevin and Brad keep talking video game movies in this bonus episode, specifically about the inconsistencies in the premise of Wreck-It Ralph, the lack of intellectual property rights in Rampage, the leafblower shooting money at the cast of Assassin’s Creed, and the trance music of the clubbing tail…

Detective Pikachu, Video Games, and the Barbarian


Detective Pikachu has us regretting our choice to watch movies about video games as we discuss co-opted 80s culture, a non-sensical dystopian future, and a 90 minute commercial.

Are the first 20 minutes of Pixels actually funny? Are the games actually games in Gamer? And does anybody actually know how to hook up a Nintendo in The Wizard? All this and more on Detective Pikachu, Video Games, and the Barbarian…