Cry Macho, Alliterative Character Names, and a Series of Jort Films

Cry Macho has us talking about characters with alliterative names, from Eli Roth’s dreadful Donny Donowitz in Inglorious Basterds to Michael Rooker granting Grant Grant unexpected pathos in Slither.

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Hollywood… in Hollywood


Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood has us in full over-analysis mode as we nit-pick Tarantino’s latest before moving on to discuss meta writer’s block, fictional writer’s block, and a writer who should have been blocked.

Is Adaptation easy to describe while drunk? Is Barton Fink a Coen Brothers b-side? And is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back homophobic, or just extremely juvenile? All this and more on Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Hollywood… in Hollywood…