Those Who Wish Me Dead, Targeted Witnesses, and the Mafia Gangster Guy

Those Who Wish Me Dead has us talking crime witnesses pursued by the mob, from the miscasting of Jack Nicholson in The Departed to the miscasting of Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition.

Kajillionaire, Titular Money, and Marty’s Deuce

Kajillionaire has us talking movies with money referenced in the title, from the stretched thin plot of Casino to the nonsensical plot of Money Train.

The Irishman, Recurring Collaborations, and a Constant State of Climax…


The Irishman has us hitting on the finer points of Scorsese crime sagas, before moving on to discuss Julianne Moore and Tom Cruise breaking down, Michael Shannon melting down, and Viggo Mortensen stepping up.

Can the de-aging be taken seriously for 3.5 hours in The Irishman? Can we list fewer than ten scenes we could call our favorite in Magnolia? Can Kevin pronounce “Jessica Chastain” while discussing Take Shelter? And should Viggo Mortensen have won an Oscar for A History of Violence? All this and more on The Irishman, Recurring Collaborations, and a Constant State of Climax…