Cry Macho, Alliterative Character Names, and a Series of Jort Films

Cry Macho has us talking about characters with alliterative names, from Eli Roth’s dreadful Donny Donowitz in Inglorious Basterds to Michael Rooker granting Grant Grant unexpected pathos in Slither.

Those Who Wish Me Dead, Targeted Witnesses, and the Mafia Gangster Guy

Those Who Wish Me Dead has us talking crime witnesses pursued by the mob, from the miscasting of Jack Nicholson in The Departed to the miscasting of Tom Hanks in Road to Perdition.

Kajillionaire, Titular Money, and Marty’s Deuce

Kajillionaire has us talking movies with money referenced in the title, from the stretched thin plot of Casino to the nonsensical plot of Money Train.

Minari, Sick Kids, and the Race Against Logic

Minari has us talking about sick kids, from the over-the-top cartoon psychopath in We Need to Talk About Kevin to the unbearably precocious genius in The Book of Henry.

The Little Things, Cereal, and the Guy Who’s Good at Playing the Guy Who’s Good at Things

The Little Things has us talking about cereal and movies, from Jeremy Renner staring at the most bizarre grocery aisle ever stocked to the arrow shaped cereal based on the apparent archery skills of Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

More Video Games… And a Hulking of a Man


Kevin and Brad keep talking video game movies in this bonus episode, specifically about the inconsistencies in the premise of Wreck-It Ralph, the lack of intellectual property rights in Rampage, the leafblower shooting money at the cast of Assassin’s Creed, and the trance music of the clubbing tail…

From the Vault – August 2005 or: Cartoons, Michael Jordan, Whatever…


To discuss the films of August 2005, hosts Brad and Kevin have forced each other to rewatch The 40 Year-Old Virgin, The Constant Gardener, Broken Flowers, and 2046.

Is The 40 Year-Old Virgin even better today than it was 13 years ago? Did Rachel Weisz deserve the Oscar for The Constant Gardener? Does Broken Flowers prove that Bill Murray can be interesting while doing literally nothing? And did Kevin even watch 2046? All this and more on Cartoons, Michael Jordan, Whatever…