More Franchise Fourths… And The All-Time Best Screen Farts


Brad and Kevin keep talking franchise fourths in this bonus episode, specifically about rubber asses and ice puns in Batman & Robin, Matthew McConaughey’s baffling hydraulic leg in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, the unnecessary stand-in protagonists in Bride of Chucky, and about some great movie farts…

Men in Black: International, Franchise Fourths, and The New Times


Men in Black: International has us both forgetting everything that happened in it and proud of ourselves for not once saying we were Neuralyzed by it as we use it as a catalyst for a discussion of two 50 year-old action heroes, another 50 year-old action hero, and another 50 year-old action hero. Yes… Another one!

Does Lethal Weapon 4 have more genuine character moments than action? Was Live Free or Die Hard oddly prophetic? And how, exactly, would Harry’s day be made in Sudden Impact? All this and more on Men in Black: International, Franchise Fourths, and The New Times…